ICQUA 2019

First Iraqi German Conference on Quality and Accreditation

The first Iraqi German Conference on Quality in Healthcare Services / IGCQUA2019 – ICQUA2019 was organized in Berlin, Germany in April 25-26, 2019, in collaboration with Temos International. The conference addressed quality and accreditation in the healthcare setting focusing mainly on:
 International understanding of quality and quality management in healthcare
 What is accreditation? Why do we do it? What is the difference between quality management and accreditation? What is the       impact of accreditation on quality of healthcare services?
 Patients’ perception of accreditation
 Risk management as a crucial part of the organization’s strategic planning as well as international accreditation programs

The event included presentations, discussion, group work and evaluation and feedback. The main speakers where: 

More than 20 participants joined the event from Iraq and one colleague from Russia