I.C. Connected Hospitals

Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital

Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital is one of the health institutions affiliated with the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine and came to be a support from the Holy Shrine for the health sector in Iraq in general, and the Holy Karbala Governorate in particular, and a contribution from the Holy Shrines of Karbala in filling part of the aforementioned shortage in the health field, which is suffering from a noticeable deterioration. We aspire to It is the first choice for patients who want a safe, high-quality healing environment, and for doctors and workers who are looking for a stimulating work environment and continuing education with the aim of providing advanced and distinguished medical services at acceptable prices and within everyone’s reach.

Al-Shifaa Private Hospital

Al-Shifa National Hospital is the first private hospital in Diyala Governorate, founded by Prof. Dr. Jalil Hussein Al-Obaidi, specialist in general and laparoscopic surgery.

The hospital is an integrated medical center equipped with the latest medical equipment and surgical and health staff with sound scientific competencies to provide therapeutic services to citizens in accordance with international quality standards, in addition to health hotel services.

Al-Taj Private Hospital

Al-Taj Private Hospital is a healthcare facility situated in the heart of Baghdad. Known for its commitment to providing quality medical services, the hospital serves the local community with a range of medical specialties and advanced healthcare technologies. The central location allows convenient access for residents in and around Baghdad, contributing to the hospital’s role as a vital healthcare hub in the region.