ICQUA 2024 IGCQUA 2024

ICQUA 2024 IGCQUA 2024

0 September 28, 2021

International Consultants is planning to organize the 3rd International Conference on Quality in Healthcare Services (ICQUA 2024) along with the 4th Iraqi German Conference on Quality and Accreditation (IGCQUA 2024) in collaboration with Temos International in Frankfurt, Germany on April 25-26, 2024. The main thematic discussion would continue with what we started in the last event and created a lot of interest about the ethical challenges facing the medical practice including issues related to malpractice, indemnity claims in clinical auditing, reporting and responsibilities and finally patients’ rights versus doctors’ rights.
In the coming conference, we are looking to have better exchange of experiences and knowledge through wider participation of international healthcare workers and more sponsors for this event after successful organization of the previous three conferences in Berlin on 2019, Cologne in 2022 and Stuttgart in 2023.

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