Seminar on Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare services

Seminar on Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare services

0 November 21, 2023

Medical College, Warith Alanbyaa University, Kerbala, Iraq

On the morning of Saturday, October 18, 2024, Dr. Ali Anbori, the CEO of International Consultants and Temos Regional Office Manager in Iraq, was invited to give a presentation about Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare Services in the workshop hall in the Medical College of Warith Alanbyaa University.

The Medical college of Warith Alanbyaa University is one of the organizing partners of the coming 3rd International Conference on Quality in Healthcare Services and the 4th Iraqi German Conference on Quality and Accreditation which are going to be simultaneously organized in Frankfurt on April 29-30, 2024.

The seminar was attended by the University President, Dr. Ibrahim Alhayawi, Dean of Medical College, DR. Ali Saadon and Quality Director in Health and Education Commission in Alataba group, DR. Sabeeh Almeshadani, which has 4 universities and 10 hospitals under its umbrella as well as the director of Quality Department at the Medical College among many other heads of departments and members of the College staff.

The presentation of Dr. Ali included detailed information accreditation process of Temos International and its value. At the end, Dr. Ali was awarded an appreciation letter from the dean of the medical college.

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